Teilo was imported into this country at 6mths old, he lived with a family with a baby but at around 13 months old he was surrendered to a rescue following some resource guarding issues.  He was rehomed with a family who have a couple of dogs but had to return to the rescue because he started to dominate one of the other dogs.  There was also an incident in the second home, and although the circumstances are unclear, it would appear he was showing signs of resource guarding here as well.  The other rescue reported him to be anxious, friendly to all their staff and as he started to settle became a bit bouncy and mischievous.

He has now come to us for rehoming.  We agree with the basic assessment given by the previous rescue; anxious at first, loves to be petted and can do zoomies very well…it took us a while to get him back on a lead!

  • He will need to be an only dog
  • He will need to be in a child free home
  • Needs extremely clear boundaries setting