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Successfully Rehomed
Adopted. All about Pike (5mths)

Adopted. All about Pike (5mths)

A baby who has had a very stressful start to life, docked, neutered, and landed in the UK only 4 weeks ago. He can be reactive when overwhelmed when first meeting people, but careful slow introductions and he’s soon offering the cutest sit for a treat, cuddle and some playtime. He’s shown excellent manners when meeting other dogs and has been playing with his new bestie spotty dog whilst in foster care with us. He wasn’t fully house trained but is now doing great – fingers crossed. He travels well in the car. He’s being crate trained; at times reluctant to get in, but he quickly snuggles into his bed and soon after the snoring commences.

Adopted one of our fabulous Dobie Mates – Ace (10mths):

Adopted one of our fabulous Dobie Mates – Ace (10mths):

A typical bouncy juvenile who still has the odd ‘accident’ in the house.  He’s a chewer and must be fully supervised when given something to play with.   When excited he jumps up and mouths. A kitchen counter surfer.  Barks at who knows what when he’s in the garden. He’s not keen on dipping his feet in water.  He’s been to doggy day care and lived for a few days with a Lab.  Untested with livestock and cats.  He’s lived with older children.

Adopted. Scout (3yrs) – all about me:

Adopted. Scout (3yrs) – all about me:

  • Just look at me, I’m a 40kg, neutered, docked and cropped handsome chappie
  • I’ve really endeared myself to my foster mum whilst I’ve been in rescue with my obedience skills and general all-around good guy behaviour
  • I’ve lived respectfully with horses, chickens, turkeys, alpacas and cats, but if I see a cat, I don’t know I will chase it
  • I lived with 10 other dogs at one point but had to be separated from one of them after I pinned it down (the details behind the incident are not clear) but I don’t like dogs to ‘get in my face’ and because of this it would be best if I was an only dog
  • I’m friendly with adults but can be overbearing with little people, so would like either an adult only home or at least with children over the age of 14
  • Did someone mention ball play?  You chuck it and I’ll fetch it…..over and over and over again!
  • I’ve not been assessed in the home, so my forever hoomans will have to be prepared to deal with what ever traits materialise.    I am clean and settled in my kennel and still have the same blanket I arrived with.
Adopted – All About Purdy (5yrs)

Adopted – All About Purdy (5yrs)

  • I’m the cutest little thing that loves to be close to my hoomans – cuddles and fusses are the best
  • I’ve was used for breeding (we are told she has had 2 litters) and am now looking for a quiet life.  I’m not really bothered about going out for walks so a home with a garden that I can investigate, and potter around would suit me just fine, as long as there are many ‘loves’ for me when I come back indoors – I can’t stress the ‘loves and cuddles’ bit enough, can you tell?
  • I can be reactive around other dogs, both on lead and off lead.  I’ve been working on my reactivity when on lead with foster mum and have proved that if I feel secure, I can walk by without reacting but I’ll need more help with this.
  • I like to roll in the smelly stuff left by foxes and other animals, but you know why, it’s cause I then get to have a wash which means more fusses from my hooman
  • I travel well in a car
  • I’m untested with cats
Adopted.  All about me – Logan (16mths)

Adopted. All about me – Logan (16mths)

  • I’m vaccinated and neutered, and weigh around 40kg
  • I’ve got some basic obedience skills but can lose focus at times, especially when I’m expected to ‘wait’.  I would like a home where my new hoomans are prepared to put time into my training and mental stimulation.
  • I like a game of ‘fetch’
  • I am generally friendly with people, but I did bite one of my adult hoomans, so a child free home is the best option for me.  The circumstance under which the bite occurred is unclear – I’ve shown no signs of aggression or biting whilst I’ve been in the care of my foster mum.
  • I am not generally reactive with other dogs, but I don’t like it if they get ‘in my face’.  I have been known to play nicely with other dogs but sometimes, out of the blue, my ‘play’ gets out of control – I show the other dog it’s overstepped the mark by pinning it down.
  • I need encouragement (sometimes a push) to get in the car but once in I travel well
  • I’m a bit of a thief around the house especially with soft furnishings.  My foster mum gave me my own blankie but it’s always more fun when I can take something that doesn’t belong to me!
  • I have had an operation on my eyelids to stop ulcers forming because my eyelid used to turn inwards but I’ve been to the vet recently for check-up and they confirmed that there are currently no issues with my eyelids or my sight
Adopted. Introducing Jackson (4yrs 7mths):

Adopted. Introducing Jackson (4yrs 7mths):

A noisy boy in the car, when people first come into his home, when first setting off for his walkies and when meeting other dogs – he’s asking them to play with him.  He lived with children and another dog.  Strong on the lead.  Does not react to traffic, cyclists or joggers but will chase livestock.   Recall needs work.  Runs off with the ball rather than fetching but loves a game of tug.  He has a dry itchy skin complaint, which the vet is treating and monitoring.  We’ll update these details once his assessment is complete.

Adopted.  Introducing Blue (4yrs)

Adopted. Introducing Blue (4yrs)

A pretty, people friendly girl – she gets over excited when there are visitors to her home, but out and about is cautious and likes to greet people in her own time.  She has lived with other dogs, but when meeting new ones, she can be a little timid especially if they want to play chase.  Will travel but does periodically become unsettled.  Her tail was docked in 2020 following a infected cut.  She is currently under assessment, these details will be updated once the assessment is complete.

Adopted. Rita (2 – 3 yrs)

Adopted. Rita (2 – 3 yrs)

I am very, very special girl and Lincs are helping me find a very, very special someone to give me a furever home. You can see my story on my fb page – it’s called Rita ( Please email: if you are my special, special someone.

  • I’ve had the toughest of starts in life; found on a rubbish dump in a far-off land with injuries which have changed my life.
  • Lots of amazing people raised the funds so that I could get the surgery I needed on my fractured leg and spine and then come to the UK to look for a furever home
  • Now I’m ‘doubly’ incontinent and so will always have to wear these fancy ‘couture’ pants, but that’s Ok, I’m used to them now (I know the drill and co-operate) and let’s face it they offer endless possibilities in colours and patterns and will look very pretty on your washing line.
  • My exercise has to be controlled because I’m still gaining mobility and strength in my back and legs; my kind foster mum is ace at helping me with this ‘cause she has a special pool for treating this sort of thing and she has said that she will continue with this special treatment FOC to whom ever is lucky enough to adopt me, but you would have to be prepared to drive to the Binbrook, Lincolnshire area to benefit from this offer.
  • I love my crate which has a special bed and covers; I settle in it at night and when my foster hooman has to go out.
  • I like to sunbathe and steal my big bros toys just when he thinks he’s going to play with them, and well, then I like to take them to my bed and play with them – playing is great.
  • I’m a little bit protective of my food; I just give a bit of a growl if another dog walks by, but I don’t mind if my foster mum wants to take it off me.
  • I’d like a decent sized garden to stretch my legs, someone who will be adaptable when training me because I can’t do all the usual stuff that I see other doggos do, and someone who is happy to take me for gentle walks and to new places that I can explore.
  • I can live with other dogs, but cats…nope never heard of them before
  • I think I’m probably famous as I have my own Facebook page, it’s called Rita 😊 and if my new family want they can take it over and continue to share my story as I progress thorough life.
Adopted. All about me – Liesl (3yrs 9mths)

Adopted. All about me – Liesl (3yrs 9mths)

  • I was very nervous of my foster hooman and surroundings when I first arrived.  I did do wee wee’s in the house even when the door was open so that I could go outside, however 2 days in, and I’ve got used to my new home and so now I use the appropriate place.
  • I’m scared of alarms, especially the one on the cooker and washing machine, but I have overcome my fear of the microwave and it’s ping.  My foster mum has been trying to help me with these things but it takes time and so I’ll need more help with this.
  • I am accepting of other dogs and will play a little once I get to know them but really, I’m quite happy doing my own thing.
  • My recall is pretty good but when I get spooked (which I seem to do at least one/walk) I run off and hide, but with my hooman in sight – when I’m ready I return (tracker advised).
  • I’m very food driven but will require patience as I start to understand, and act on basic commands.
  • I’ve not lived with children but have been around them and am told I was a good girl.
  • I have lived with cats. I liked my cats but others not so much.  I’m trying to tolerate the ones in my foster home and as the days go by I’m becoming more accepting of them…except when I see them outside.
  • I’m quite good at loose lead walking, I do sometime want to pull towards things I find interesting but I’m don’t pull like an over excited train…if there is such a thing.
  • I like my crate especially at night or for a rest when I’m feeling a little anxious as it makes me feel safe.
Adopted.  Rebel (4yr old) – all about me

Adopted. Rebel (4yr old) – all about me

• I need another 2kg adding to my body weight

• I damaged my leg and hip when I was 1yr old and as a result I need daily medication to help keep it mobile and ensure I don’t suffer any pain

• I want to stretch my legs and explore new places but I can’t be overly active because of my dickie hip

• I understand basic obedience skills but they do need more work

• I’m fairly good on the lead but more work is needed because I do occasionally like to pull away for an in depth sniff in a tuft of grass or when I see other dogs coming towards me

• I’m crate trained, and can be left for short periods of time

• I’ve had more than a couple of little accidents in the home but this is ‘cause my silly foster mum doesn’t understand my subtle ‘I need out’ sign

• I can be chatty, esp. in the car but I do quiet down once I’ve had some exercise

• I have proven to be friendly with all dogs I’ve met since I arrived with my foster mum, but I did have to be kept separate from one of my previous male sibling ‘cause I didn’t like him very much

• I will be best suited as an only dog in the home

• Cats in the home are for barking and grumbling at, once they disappear back from where they came I amble on back to my comfy spot