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REGGIE Adopted



Zara Adopted




Binx 01




Thor is now king of the castle. He has gone off to his new home and immediately taken over! He has learnt how to steal the sandwiches of anyone working in his new home, has this made him popular?? Oh yes, he has relaxed straight into being the foreman of all the home improvements. Once all settled he will be having a girl come and join him to run amongst the acres of land. Happy future set for this boy.



Now living with her little brother Bert, the staffie pup. She has settled really well in her new loving home and all the family adore her. She will continue to grow and learn at the same time with play and lots of fun. Good times ahead for this little lady who had a tough start.



Binky has started her new family life in Norfolk. She has fallen on her feet as she gets to hoilday in France too at the family gite. She had learned so much from her previous owner that she immediately became the star of the rescue. Now she needs to learn the way to bark n french and she will fit right in to her new life!!



Ian arrived as a family surrender, he had only ever known a loving home and so the decision was made to find him a foster/adoption home. He fell on his feet, blue ones at that but not due to being cold! He found a family who had recently said goodbye to their dobie boy to the bridge. He brought the smiles back to the new family, he learned that he was soon going to be very spoilt. His new mum makes dog coats!! Wow the variety was amazing, from camouflage right through to tartan. He had a wonderful Christmas and the phone call soon came… He was going to be staying forever and ever. A fantastic adoption and turned out to be our last one for the year 2017. Good Luck in your new home Blue.



Kyrie arrived with us having many bad behaviours. She was a challenge to us and spent a number of months with our behaviourist in his home. She certainly tested every boundary with everyone including the resident dogs. The weeks went by and slowly changes appeared, she learnt so much from not only our behaviourist but from the four legged members in the home. To see her now is fantastic and how she has now settled wonderfully into her new loving home. She has gained herself a spotty brother and they are loving the walks and play together.  She has become a lady who now has the skills to socialise with other dogs and fully relax at home. Well done Kyrie and happy life ahead.



This little lady came to us due to health problems of her owner but look what happened, she only went and found another perfect home. She has the space to stretch those legs, chase balls all day and everyday with the help of her 2 new little helpers. She is growing rapidly not only in stature but love. She has had a name change due to her “Impala” impression, she’s still loves to spring everywhere!! A continued happy life filled with love is now her future. Good Luck Gorgeous girl.




This lad arrived with us as an owner surrender. He arrived a confident lad and at only 7 months we soon realised he was going to be a big lad. He had gone through puppy training and even knew words in russian. This boy soon found his loving new home in Lincolnshire and has gone back to school to carry on with his development. He has his new family admiring his football skills and has them through a ball all day long!! Settled and happy, what more could we wish for this lad.

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Apollo is our 3 year old, neutered boy. He has come into rescue after a young family could no longer give him the time he needs due to work commitments. He has a docked tail, which is a longer dock than normal but done before he arrived with us. He is good with other dogs, but not cats. Great with children but will need to be 7 years+. He is house trained and enjoys the time spent with you. He has a sore on his flank due to previously being kept outside on hard surfaces. It does not cause him any problems nor is it a risk to his health. It could be removed but would only be done for cosmetic reasons. Please get in touch if Apollo is for you. Thanks



This little lady arrived with us after being contacted by another rescue. They had re homed home her once but sadly was returned within a couple of weeks to them. As she was struggling in Kennels they contacted us to help. She cam eto us and was given time to adjust in a foster home until the ideal family was found. She has gone off to the Northants area and now has an older brother Harry to learn from. She has no recall at the moment and can open any door as well as any human so off to school she goes. Happy future Lola and look after your brother.



Zara arrived with us as a family surrender. She had been with a loving happy family and had only ever known love. She is such a happy lady that we knew this was going to be a basic re home and with luck she would settle down in her new family really easily. She soon found her new home in Lincolnshire and found the toys!! Every toy was her’s and every toy had to be played with at least once every day. She is once again settled and happy.



This boy arrived with us after a member of our rescue group was contacted. He was a boy who needed to find a home to carry on with is development in coping with growing up. He has really stolen the hearts of everyone within the rescue and in our members. He has been adopted by a member of our team and will remain in our care for life. He has problems with vision and other ailments but these don’t stop him being the dobie hooligan we all love. He has 2 brothers and 2 sisters who are his guardians and will protect him in the future.

Marley and Lola

This pair came arrived and we quickly learnt how close they were. We knew as the weeks went by it would be a mistake to separate them and so the challenge was set, to find a home for them both. It took a few weeks but we turned up trumps. The perfect home was found for them in rural South Yorks. They headed off to their loving new family and found 2 new brothers already enjoying the best life possible. The bonds were quickly formed between the whole family. Good luck you two from all at Lincs Rescue.


ELSA has now gone on to her new family in Lincolnshire. She will be the younger sister to Julie another black and tan lady. She did all this in time for her birthday the following day and double celebrations for this little lady. Happy Birthday and Future Elsa.


Xara is now living with her new family in Hertfordshire. She came to us as a family surrender after an accident to her owner. She now has her brother Otto, a jack russell and Goldie the cat to share her life with. She is ready to explore the Malvern hills over the coming months. Good luck to all the family.



Rodney was a stray and due to be pts before we were able to offer him help. We were able to get him the veterinary care he needed and re homed him up in Scotland. Sadly he developed bloat suddenly and was waved off to the bridge.



Pudding had been with another rescue for a year before we were able to help. She was neutered and has now been in her loving forever home for over 6 months.


Sky 2

We managed to secure the transport of this lady from Spain by fundraising through our rescue. We had her spayed and had placed her in a foster home. She was poorly and underweight on arrival in the UK and needed instant veterinary treatment. She turned out to be a failed foster dobie.



Kafka was a young girl when she arrived from her original breeder.  She was in a foster home for some weeks to enable her to adjust to life with another dog. She has now been re homed with another young dobie male and they have become such close friends.



Kuba arrived from an English Family living in Spain who had rescued him from the pound. He had issues with other dogs and so he needed the help of an experienced behaviourist. This worked wonders and he got to stay with them after they all fell in love.


Eric was brought to our attention to help with his re homing after being rescued in a sorry state from a shed. We found that he had health problems but were still able to get him back on the road to recovery, which included the removal of a retained testicle. He is now in his forever home.



Max was an owner surrender at the age of 11. We brought him under our wing and in his foster home was unable to settle with his companions due to his high hormone levels. We debated whether or not to neuter, after long talks with his vet it was decided it would be so beneficial to him that we should proceed. He has since been neutered and has settled in wonderfully well in his forever home.



This little lady came to us from an english breeder in Spain. She was needing a new home due to being dominated by other dobies in her home. She was quickly settled in her forever home with Zoe and Julian working long hours with her.


This little lady came to us from a family surrender. She has character and soon found a fantastic home to go to. She soon settled in her forever home with her brother and chickens.



This boy had been advertised on a social page and had already been in three homes before we were able to get him under our care. The last family had only had him for 6 days before re advertising him back on the same site. He has been a boy with trust issues and has reacted badly to strangers, so what could we do with him?? Yep, have a member of the admin team adopt him!!  He has improved a great deal and is happy now with his brother and sister.



This lad was kindly rescued by a family who then asked for our help in re homing him. He had arrived originally in poor condition but they worked hard to get him to good health. He is now living with his new family including a sister and now loves his cani x with his dad most weekends. Happy Future for this boy.



This boy was an owner surrender and even though he had spots we knew we could help him. We soon realised he didn’t have measles but in fact was a dalmatian!! Happily living in a loving home with his spotty sister and enjoys a play on the beach and an ice cream.