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About The Dobermann

Coat Colours

Is it a Dobe if it’s not Black & Rust? The Dobermann breed according to the Kennel Club Breed Standard is acceptable in 4 colours only: Black & RustBrown & Rust (sometimes called liver)Blue & RustFawn & Rust (sometimes called Isabella)...

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Summer Weather

When the sun comes out usually there’s an increased number of outdoor activities, playing in the park with children, and of course our furry friends. When you’re slapping the high factor sunscreen on your children and yourself don’t forget that animals can...

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There are several illnesses which are prevalent within the Dobermann breed which may affect a dog during it’s lifetime (average 10 years). As with people, there are no guarantees of whether your dog will or won’t contract one of these or infact, a different...

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Kennel Cough

Kennel Cough is the common name for Infectious Bronchitis in dogs.  It is a highly contagious disease which can affect any dog, of any breed, shape, size or age.  Like influenza in humans there are many varieties of the disease and it can pass more easily in...

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What are worms? Worms are parasites that live inside your dog, often without you knowing.  Sometimes when your pet looks healthy on the outside he has worms on the inside.  Some worms can pass on from pets to people through grooming, stroking and just being...

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