Before we rehome or foster one of our Dobermanns’ we need the following procedure to have taken place.

We ask that anyone considering doing either adoption or foster that you have fully discussed with the whole resident family. If you have children, are they dog aware and if you have other dogs in the home or visiting can you separate them if needed? Introductions to any resident animals is important so we ask that you have procedures in place. We ask that you are aware of any issues around the breed, not only around the character and temperament but the health issues to be aware of. The adoption and foster families will be required to have a home visit, this enables us to assess the suitability of your home and surroundings to the dobermann in question.

If this hasn’t put you off, then the next step would be to complete one of our applications below. These can be downloaded and then we require the completed forms to be sent back to our email address.

Thank you Admin Team