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Finding the Perfect Dobermann to Join Your Family Can Be Easy, But There’s Lots to Consider!

Adoption is about placing the right dog in the right home and is of paramount importance to us.  We don’t operate a ‘first come, first served’ policy and sometimes the right home for a particular rescue Dobermann takes a while to find.

We only accept dogs from UK dog pounds or homes and we only place dogs with adopters within the UK mainland.  We don’t take dogs in or place them overseas, including Ireland.  

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Frequently Asked Questions
How Long does the process take?

The length of time it takes for someone to apply to adopt and have a new family member is variable.  It all depends whether we have a dog in our care who we feel is a good match for your family.  If that’s the case, it can be as quick as 1-2 weeks.  If not, we’ll add you to our wait list and we’ll be in touch as soon as we think we have a match for you.

How Much Does Adopting Cost?

Our adoption donations are non-negotiable and non-refundable and they vary depending on a number of factors.  We also ask for a donation towards the fuel costs for the volunteer who will bring your dog to your home.

What Is the Difference Between Adopting and Fostering?

Adoption is permanent.  When you adopt a dog you become the dog’s owner and are responsible for all of their care and vet bills.  If you are unable to care for your dog for any reason it must be returned to the rescue.  This is part of our adoption contract.

Foster homes are temporary.  When you foster a dog they are owned by Lincs Dobermann Rescue until such times as we choose a home for them.  All of the expenses for their care are paid for by Lincs Rescue.  

Can I take A Pet Home straight away?

No.  We do not allow members of the public or potential adopters to ‘view’ dogs at our kennels.  Often our dogs are in foster care in volunteer’s homes and this is not possible.  When you apply to adopt a dog we will match you to the dog we feel most suited to your circumstances and family and we’ll discuss that with you.  When the time is right, our rehoming volunteer and the dog will visit you at home to ensure a smooth transition.  If for any reason it doesn’t work out.  The dog will leave with the rehoming volunteer.

Find a Dog

Adoption pending.  Jax (3.5yrs old)

Adoption pending. Jax (3.5yrs old)

He is a nervous lad who will need time and effort putting in to help him build his confidence so that the outside world becomes a more comfortable place for him.

  • Crate trained – sleeps in it at night and when left unsupervised in the home / if not crated when left unsupervised in the home he is likely to destroy household items, furniture, and personal items
  • Toys – he pulls the squeaker out of any toys and then the stuffing. he prefers stones, bricks and branches
  • Travels well in the car
  • Food and toys can be taken away from the dog
  • Traffic, joggers, cyclists – no issues
  • People:
    • Generally:  as never shown any signs of aggression towards people
    • Visitors to the home:  unsure at first but fine with slow and careful introduction
    • People outside the home:  whines to get to them
  • Other dogs: 
    • Generally – around new dogs he is very unsure and a little nervous. he tries to run away. Once a dog is constantly there and he knows them he is fine
    • When he is on lead – likely to (but not always) bark and whine but then tries to run away
    • When he is off lead – unknown, he has not been off lead with other dogs

Adoption pending.  Max (1.5yrs)

Adoption pending. Max (1.5yrs)

  • People friendly. He has not shown any signs of aggression towards people in his original home or those he has met during the short time he has been in our care.  He seems to really enjoy human interaction.
  • He has not experienced much outside of his original home and so is under socialised and looks to his handler for support and guidance in new environments
  • He will need clear boundaries setting in the home
  • He appears to have quite a high prey drive
  • Has lived with female dogs but is not good around male dogs and is easily overwhelmed and can react when meeting any new dog
  • He had limited obedience training
  • He may not be fully house trained (a crate is advised to help with this, but he will need crate training)
  • Ok travelling in the car
  • Has been ok on trips to the vets

Meet and greet booked – Mack (11mths)

Meet and greet booked – Mack (11mths)

A lovely young man who has been given clear boundaries and has several basic obedience commands in his tool kit, although he has shown signs of resource guarding, and the odd thing (e.g., loud noises) can make him anxious.   He’s a big bouncy pup still and so play with other dogs can be full on but in general he is good with them.  He is ok in the car but does bark and howl at times.  His crate is his safe place, he loves it and so settles best when in it and it keeps him out of trouble (chewing) when left at night or left unsupervised throughout the day.

Choco (9mths)

Choco (9mths)

A nervous young lad, wary of strangers both inside and outside of the home; he can appear aggressive.  He hasn’t been let off lead with other dogs and becomes anxious around them when on lead.  He is ok around traffic but not comfortable around cyclists, livestock, or other animals.   He has displayed resource guarding tendencies.  Pulls on the lead.

Adoption pending. Indy (9mths)

Adoption pending. Indy (9mths)

A young boy still full of puppy bounce and lacks manners when playing.  He does not settle well and so hasn’t been left alone in the home.  He is weary of strangers both when meeting them in the home or outside of the home, but after a sniff is accepting.  He has not been around children, cats, or livestock.  He’s plays well with other dogs but can be a little barky when meeting them on lead.

Pending adoption – Oscar (3yrs)

Pending adoption – Oscar (3yrs)

A big strong lad who likes a quiet life as can react to unexpected noises and interactions – not suited to a home with young children.  Doesn’t chew household or personal items and can be left on his own for periods of time.  Hasn’t had any exposure to cats but does like to chase squirrels.  He is settled when travelling in a car.  Has some great basic obedience skills including recall.  He has only just joined us and so is only just starting his assessment and so these details may change – watch out for his ‘all about me’ when the assessment is complete.

All About Me – Stormzy (12mths)

All About Me – Stormzy (12mths)

  • I’m tall, I’m strong and I’m a bit of a ‘lad’
  • In the past I’ve exhibited guarding behaviours and although the people who spend time with me at Lincs have not seen this side of me I know that they will recommend I am given clear and consistent boundaries but watch out cause I’m a quick learner and will find ways to push and manipulate my way around any boundaries you try to impose on me.
  • I’ve got endless amounts of energy and so would suit Canicross or other ‘one person and his dog’ sporting event
  • I have a penchant for chasing birds they send my prey drive into overdrive; your gonna have to be the most exciting thing in my world if you want me to recall back to you once I’ve spotted my target!  That means lots of interactive games and mental stimulation (challenges) to get me focused both in the home and outside of the home…put my intelligence and drive to the test and make we work for my daily food quota.   It’s also possible that I’ll chase other wildlife and maybe livestock.
  • I need a confident and firm but fair handler who can continue with my loose lead training especially as I start to explore more of the world and face new distractions
  • I’ve not been assessed in the home, but in my previous home I slept in my crate at night and when I was to be left unsupervised for any length of time.  I am house trained.
  • And finally, did I mention how handsome I am?

Adoption Process

Step 1 – Please complete and return an Adoption Application.  On receipt we will contact you to discuss the content of your form and the profile of the dog we feel would be best suited to your lifestyle.

Step 2 – We will try to match prospective adopters with one of the Dobes in our care.  If we think we have matched your profile with one of our Dobes, we will contact you to arrange a home visit.  All members of the family and any other pets should be present at this meeting to ensure you can all get along. 

Step 3 – Adoption Day!  When our rehoming officer and matched dog have visited with you at home and both you and the rescue are happy to proceed with the adoption, we complete all of the paperwork and you are officially a Dobermann Owner! 

All of the Lincs Dobermann Rescue dogs are rehomed with an information pack containing details of their vaccinations, worming, microchip details, adoption contract, 4 weeks free insurance from PetPlan and we are always available to offer advice and support to guide you through your first few weeks.

Step 4 – Our rehoming officer will call after adoption to make sure that your Dobe is settling into their new routine and that everything is working out well.  We are always available to you for advice and guidance and of course, we LOVE receiving photos of our Dobies in their happy new homes.

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