Introducing Lola (4.5Yrs)

Introducing Lola (4.5Yrs)

Currently under assessment. I’m a small girl with a big prey drive; once I spot a furry I make haste, jump any obstacle in my path and close my ears to any instruction sent my way. I have a dry area around my right eye which is the result of a furry (cat) fight. I like people and on occasion enjoyed playing with a little person. I’m not always very nice to other dogs when I meet them. We’ll update this information once her assessment is complete.

Meet & Greet Booked.  Rebel (4yr old) – all about me

Meet & Greet Booked. Rebel (4yr old) – all about me

• I need another 2kg adding to my body weight

• I damaged my leg and hip when I was 1yr old and as a result I need daily medication to help keep it mobile and ensure I don’t suffer any pain

• I want to stretch my legs and explore new places but I can’t be overly active because of my dickie hip • I understand basic obedience skills but they do need more work

• I’m fairly good on the lead but more work is needed because I do occasionally like to pull away for an in depth sniff in a tuft of grass or when I see other dogs coming towards me

• I’m crate trained, and can be left for short periods of time

• I’ve had more than a couple of little accidents in the home but this is ‘cause my silly foster mum doesn’t understand my subtle ‘I need out’ sign

• I can be chatty, esp. in the car but I do quiet down once I’ve had some exercise

• I have proven to be friendly with all dogs I’ve met since I arrived with my foster mum, but I did have to be kept separate from one of my previous male sibling ‘cause I didn’t like him very much

• I will be best suited as an only dog in the home

• Cats in the home are for barking and grumbling at, once they disappear back from where they came I amble on back to my comfy spot

Bailey (7mths)

Bailey (7mths)

Hi, I’m Bailey! I’m not as brown as the brown Dobermanns and I’ve got white bits on me because I’m half Dobermann and half Labrador

Bailey is the most difficult dog we currently have. He is strong on the lead and will use his mouth to get attention. He does this by jumping and grabbing while walking, he also does this off lead. He is reactive to dogs and people. He can be a little stubborn, he will pick up simple concepts like “look at me” type training. We suspect he may be reactive in a range of other situations. Bailey continues to be assessed and trained, look out here for further updates.

Cairo (15mths)

Cairo (15mths)

Introducing Cairo: he struggles to settle in the home. He is boisterous on and off lead, and uses his mouth and body to try to try and manipulate things his way. He has little respect for personal space – he thinks its acceptable to charge up behind people and jump/bump into their back and send them flying. As he is still under assessment these details may change.