Adopted – Baxter 2yrs 8mth

Adopted – Baxter 2yrs 8mth

1. House trained

2. People: lived with 2 adults and 15yr old / Jumps up in excitement when meets new people / Never shown any signs of aggression towards people

3. Sleeps at the top of the stairs

4. Can be left on his own for between 5-6 hrs

5. Does not like loud noises: e.g. fireworks, motorbike, cars revving

6. Will chase cats and squirrels

7. Other dogs when on lead: some dogs he pulls and will bark and growl (usually smaller dogs). Whilst in our care he demonstrated good manners when walked with neutered Dalmatian bitch.

8. Other dogs when off lead: never had a problem. Has been off lead whilst in our care with the Dalmatian

9. Pulls on the lead

10. Car travel: has to be helped into the boot space – he drools and vomits during travel although he travelled in a crate without issue when we collected him

11. He has some good basic obedience

Adopted – Bran (8mths)

Adopted – Bran (8mths)

Surrendered after being in the country for 4 months with a family with young children; the youngest was overwhelmed by the size and energy of the boy.

  • No known medical issues
  • House trained
  • Travels well in the car
  • Gets excited but is friendly with people and other dogs
  • Pulls on the lead
  • Can be left home alone
  • Not tested with cats or livestock
Adopted – Lofty (5yrs 3mths)

Adopted – Lofty (5yrs 3mths)

We don’t know much about this boy at the moment due to the unusual way he came into our care.  He was seized by the police from a homeless man following an incident in which he made a nuisance of himself by circling a man on a bike.  On the day they were going to collect the dog he allegedly bit a lady’s hand whilst she was trying to give the guy some money – no medical attention was required.  He remained in the police kennels whilst they completed all the necessary procedures, during which time he was friendly towards all the kennel staff.

What we have seen/learnt since he arrived in our care:

  • He has not shown any signs of aggression towards any of the kennel staff or LDR volunteers when we’ve got him out of his kennel, or when we’ve spent time with him both on and off lead in the exercise field
  • He grabs food from the hand and does catch skin if the food is not presented well
  • He is quite ‘self-employed’ and so lots of interactive games and hand feeding will make a huge difference to his relationship with his handler
  • He pulls on the lead
  • His coat is not in great condition

What we don’t know:

  • If he is house trained
  • If he is reactive to other dogs
  • ….. there’s probably more we don’t know and of course because of his route into rescue do not have access to much historical information.

Adopted.  Jax (3.5yrs old)

Adopted. Jax (3.5yrs old)

He is a nervous lad who will need time and effort putting in to help him build his confidence so that the outside world becomes a more comfortable place for him.

  • Crate trained – sleeps in it at night and when left unsupervised in the home / if not crated when left unsupervised in the home he is likely to destroy household items, furniture, and personal items
  • Toys – he pulls the squeaker out of any toys and then the stuffing. he prefers stones, bricks and branches
  • Travels well in the car
  • Food and toys can be taken away from the dog
  • Traffic, joggers, cyclists – no issues
  • People:
    • Generally:  as never shown any signs of aggression towards people
    • Visitors to the home:  unsure at first but fine with slow and careful introduction
    • People outside the home:  whines to get to them
  • Other dogs: 
    • Generally – around new dogs he is very unsure and a little nervous. he tries to run away. Once a dog is constantly there and he knows them he is fine
    • When he is on lead – likely to (but not always) bark and whine but then tries to run away
    • When he is off lead – unknown, he has not been off lead with other dogs

Adopted.  Max (1.5yrs)

Adopted. Max (1.5yrs)

  • People friendly. He has not shown any signs of aggression towards people in his original home or those he has met during the short time he has been in our care.  He seems to really enjoy human interaction.
  • He has not experienced much outside of his original home and so is under socialised and looks to his handler for support and guidance in new environments
  • He will need clear boundaries setting in the home
  • He appears to have quite a high prey drive
  • Has lived with female dogs but is not good around male dogs and is easily overwhelmed and can react when meeting any new dog
  • He had limited obedience training
  • He may not be fully house trained (a crate is advised to help with this, but he will need crate training)
  • Ok travelling in the car
  • Has been ok on trips to the vets