Meet and greet booked – Kilo (14mths)

Meet and greet booked – Kilo (14mths)

This tall lovely Blue Dobie arrived with us today.  He is going to need a patient home, a home who will incrementally help him to build confidence around new people, environments, and noises.

  • Lived with children between 5 and 7yrs
  • Crate trained – can be left home alone in his crate
  • House training – there are still accidents
  • Never shown any signs of aggression to people or other dogs
  • He is nervous around new people at first but once his confidence builds, he can get a little boisterous – he jumps up
  • Other dogs:  on lead – he wants to sniff and play / off lead – sniff and play but had little opportunity because worried about him jumping up at people
  • Pulls on the lead
  • Has lived with 4 chickens
Hugo – 2yrs 6 months

Hugo – 2yrs 6 months

  • Other dogs: he has lived with other dogs and been to doggy day care but can be overzealous with smaller dogs.  He is sometimes reactive when on lead to other dogs
  • He is crate trained although will escape a standard collapsible crate – a crate will be required
  • Will eat and play with anything and a destroyer of toys
  • He is not keen on visitors to the home but with a controlled introduction he is happy to interact appropriately
  • He doesn’t settle easily in the home – easily disturbed by noises from outside the home
  • He is not very good around horses
  • Travels well in the car
  • House trained
  • Pulls on the lead
Teilo – 14 months old (neutered)

Teilo – 14 months old (neutered)

Teilo was imported into this country at 6mths old, he lived with a family with a baby but at around 13 months old he was surrendered to a rescue following some resource guarding issues.  He was rehomed with a family who have a couple of dogs but had to return to the rescue because he started to dominate one of the other dogs.  There was also an incident in the second home, and although the circumstances are unclear, it would appear he was showing signs of resource guarding here as well.  The other rescue reported him to be anxious, friendly to all their staff and as he started to settle became a bit bouncy and mischievous.

He has now come to us for rehoming.  We agree with the basic assessment given by the previous rescue; anxious at first, loves to be petted and can do zoomies very well…it took us a while to get him back on a lead!

  • He will need to be an only dog
  • He will need to be in a child free home
  • Needs extremely clear boundaries setting

Meet and greet booked. Karma (6yrs 1mth)

Meet and greet booked. Karma (6yrs 1mth)

  1. People:  lived with young children, never shown any signs of aggression towards people
  2. Travels well in the car
  3. She does not like to be left home alone – she barks and howls
  4. Doesn’t like cats
  5. Pulls on the lead
  6. Other dogs – when on lead she barks and pulls hard on the lead, she has never been off lead around other dogs
Casper (1yr 6mths)

Casper (1yr 6mths)

A very timid scared young lady, who is nervous around new people and new dogs.  It was on the third occasion that I had her in the exercise field that she started to take food from me and her tail started to lift.   On lead she pulls and will spin when anxious.  She can’t left on her own – she barks, chews and has ‘accidents’ in the home.  She is crate trained and travels well in the car.