Adopted.  Bailey (9mths)

Adopted. Bailey (9mths)

Hi, I’m Bailey! I’m not as brown as the brown Dobermanns and I’ve got white bits on me because I’m half Dobermann and half Labrador

Bailey is the most difficult dog we currently have. He is strong on the lead and will use his mouth to get attention. He does this by jumping and grabbing while walking, he also does this off lead. He is reactive to dogs and people. He can be a little stubborn, he will pick up simple concepts like “look at me” type training. We suspect he may be reactive in a range of other situations. Bailey continues to be assessed and trained, look out here for further updates.

Adopted.  Cairo (17mths) – all about me

Adopted. Cairo (17mths) – all about me

  • I’m not very good at settling at home unless I’m around my hoomans;  I’m best left in a crate when I’ve to be left for a period of time (bedtime and when they go out)
  • I travel OK when crated, but have been known to chew things, like my harness if seat belted in.  My foster hoomans have done a great job of training me to jump up into the car crate.
  • I can be boisterous on and off lead, and have to be given clear boundaries because I do have mouthing tendencies and sometimes use my body to try to manipulate things my way
  • I don’t mind children but because of my previous mouthing issues the hoomans think that I’d be better in a home without out any little people
  • I’m good with other dogs, although my play can be a little over the top
  • I’m not very good around livestock, I like to bark at them and would chase them given the opportunity
  • I’m proud of my obedience skills, I have a good recall (except around little furry things and livestock), I have a strong wait and can do all the other basics really well



Adopted. This young man is two years old and needs further training. He’s very strong on the lead and needs someone who will invest in his future. In the home he’s the sweetest most loving and affectionate boy. As we want to make sure he goes to a home who have time for him we’re asking for adopters who have no children and no other pets.



Adopted. Freya is only a baby of one year old and finds herself in rescue due to no fault of her own. She needs a family who can invest in her and help her overcome some basic training needs such as toilet training during the night and basic manners. Freya is a very bouncy girl and will jump up into your face to give kisses therefore she’s not suited to a home with young children. She can live with another older dog who can be a good role model for her but no cats please.

If this sounds like you please fill in an adoption application and one of our helpers will be in touch to discuss.