Adopted.  All about Sky (9yrs young)

Adopted. All about Sky (9yrs young)

  • A brown beauty
  • Neutered
  • Health:
    • On medication (Propalin) for ’slight’ incontinence.  Our foster carer has confirmed the medication is easy to administer and that she has not seen any signs of the incontinence around the home – the meds are doing their job
    • She had a lump removed from her body close to the back elbow of her font left leg.  The vet has sent it away for testing but was not overly concerned about any long-term problems arising from it
    • Current weight is 40kg – needs to lose a bit of it.  Hasn’t been exercised much in the last 2 years so I’m sure that a bit of this would make all the difference.
    • Allergic to vaccinations
  • Brought up with children in the home, can be wary of strangers so needs gentle introductions to new people
  • Travel:  doesn’t want to get in car boot (hatchback) but happy to travel on back seat with seat belt
  • Other dogs:
    • On lead:  reactive, a behaviourist told the previous owner that this is fear-based reactivity
    • Off lead:  we have been told that she is fine with other dogs off lead, but we have not yet assessed this
Adopted.  All about me – Amos (18mths)

Adopted. All about me – Amos (18mths)

  • I struggle with my weight but since arriving with my foster mum I have gone from 25.5kg to 28.3kg and should keep gaining.  I have a special diet so that I get the nutrients I need. Investigations into his weight loss were on going in his previous home, we are continuing with this investigation.
  • I walk quite well on the lead and sit nicely to allow tractors and trailers, cars and other vehicles to pass.
  • I am dog reactive both on and off lead.  I don’t react to my foster carers Dallie, or my foster Grandmas Collie when we sniff through gates, or when they are milling around my crate.  When I came out of the vets the other day I nearly bumped into a spaniel, I barked and turned towards it but my foster mum was in control of the situation and so I was happy to walk on back to the car with her without further ado and we saw a dog the other side of a fence running up and down barking and whilst I was interested, I kept pace with my foster mum and didn’t make a sound.  I have been able to make friends with other dogs and play nicely for a while, but I must be introduced slowly and always supervised.
  • I am obsessed with shadow chasing and if I’m allowed to keep doing it, I become anxious.  My foster Mum is working on trying to reduce this, by finding alternative physical and mental stimulation outlets.
  • My crate is very important to me, it is where I feel the most relaxed.  I can settle here even when there are shadows casting around me.
  • I am not suitable for a home with children
  • Not cat, livestock or wildlife friendly
  • I have some basic obedience skills, including recall unless I spot a furry critter
  • I like taking trips in the car
  • My foster grandma likes me that much she has offered to help my foster mum out by taking me home with her (she’s never done this before) …it’s because at heart I’m a truly sweet boy