Introducing Lola (4.5Yrs)

Introducing Lola (4.5Yrs)

Currently under assessment. I’m a small girl with a big prey drive; once I spot a furry I make haste, jump any obstacle in my path and close my ears to any instruction sent my way. I have a dry area around my right eye which is the result of a furry (cat) fight. I like people and on occasion enjoyed playing with a little person. I’m not always very nice to other dogs when I meet them. We’ll update this information once her assessment is complete.

Adopted.  Rebel (4yr old) – all about me

Adopted. Rebel (4yr old) – all about me

• I need another 2kg adding to my body weight

• I damaged my leg and hip when I was 1yr old and as a result I need daily medication to help keep it mobile and ensure I don’t suffer any pain

• I want to stretch my legs and explore new places but I can’t be overly active because of my dickie hip

• I understand basic obedience skills but they do need more work

• I’m fairly good on the lead but more work is needed because I do occasionally like to pull away for an in depth sniff in a tuft of grass or when I see other dogs coming towards me

• I’m crate trained, and can be left for short periods of time

• I’ve had more than a couple of little accidents in the home but this is ‘cause my silly foster mum doesn’t understand my subtle ‘I need out’ sign

• I can be chatty, esp. in the car but I do quiet down once I’ve had some exercise

• I have proven to be friendly with all dogs I’ve met since I arrived with my foster mum, but I did have to be kept separate from one of my previous male sibling ‘cause I didn’t like him very much

• I will be best suited as an only dog in the home

• Cats in the home are for barking and grumbling at, once they disappear back from where they came I amble on back to my comfy spot



One sunny morning at the beginning of May we were introduced to Red, a timid young dobie girl who was awaiting her forever home. We already had Jacob, our 10 year old boy, and we were looking for a companion for him and us. All went well and within a couple of hours Red was on her way back to Yorkshire with us.

Since she arrived she has been a pleasure to be with and she brings a smile to our faces every day. Being a year old she is still full of that puppy youthfulness and has boundless energy, but she is just perfect for us. She has bonded with us all and has endless love to give, and all she wants is to be loved back (and of course treats!) and love her back we do! She fits in so well with our family, and she has even now joined the local gang of dogs that go for morning walks in the local field including a Great Dane puppy who she loves to play chase with.

She still has much to learn but adopting a rescue dobie was one of the best things we did. Thank you to everyone at Lincs Dobermann Rescue for the opportunity to meet and adopt our lovely Red, and for all the work you do for these lovely dogs x

Nia (2yr old) – adopted

Nia (2yr old) – adopted

The cutest, kindest little girl, who has led a sheltered life and as a result is nervous about many everyday things – she needs space and time to adjust to her surroundings; she needs someone who will be patient and won’t overload her with new experiences. Ideally a home with no young children and one which is currently without a dog.

Peanut (4yr old) – adopted

Peanut (4yr old) – adopted

This pretty lady is a well natured happy, happy girl with lots of energy. If you want to get her collar on ready to go for a walk be prepared for a happy dance around the home because she can’t sit still for a second; some basic training required. She is good with other dogs and suitable for a home with children over the age of 12. Her loose lead walking leaves a bit to be desired. Not cat tested.