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Lincs Dobermann Rescue

We are a national charity dedicated to rescuing and rehoming beautiful Dobermanns and securing safe, loving forever homes.


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About Us

About Our Rescue

Our Founder and Chairman, Paula De vries started a group on Facebook as Lincs Dobermann Club in 2015.  This was a forum for fellow Dobie owners to meet and chat. 

Paula was very quickly asked to assist in the rescue and rehoming of Dobies which confirmed the need to set up the Lincs Dobermann Rescue charity which was officially constituted in April 2017.  With this it meant the need to increase the team numbers.

Although Lincolnshire based, we travel the length and breadth of the UK to help Dobies and families in need.

We are a non-profit organisation, all our team donate time and effort to ensure that no Dobie is left in need and that they all have a successful rescue and rehoming journey. 

We rely on the support and generosity of our members to raise the funds we need to provide veterinary support to our Lincs dogs to ensure that when our Dobie is rehomed, they are in good health and that their rehoming journey is as stress free as possible.

We have a saying, “once a Lincs dog, always a Lincs dog”. It is so important for the dog and the new owner that they have the knowledge and confidence that rescue back up is there for them if they need it. This really underpins the values of Lincs Dobermann Rescue


Featured Dogs



Roxy is only 8 months old and has come into rescue through no fault of her own. She hasn’t had the best start in life and now needs to learn all the things that will help her become a much loved part of her new family.

Roxy is with one of our breed experienced fosterers undergoing an assessment. More info to follow.

If you are interested in offering a home to a Dobermann or you want to learn more about me please tell the helpers by  filling in this form




Hi ! I’ve come to live here from a place far away and I’m still finding my feet. These people say my feet are really big and that I’m going to be a big boy when I grow up. I’ve not had my first birthday yet so I have a lot of growing still to do!

It’s been a lot to take in with all this travel and whatnot but I like this lady here and her other Dobies seem nice. I like playing with them but they’re faster than me!

Can’t wait to find out more! Love Saxon xx



Hi, I’m Reuben and I’m a lean, clean, racing machine! I came to live here from Poland with my family but they went back there and left me behind so I’m living with Auntie Paula at the moment. She said I need to beef up a bit! I’m learning as much as I can from her other dogs whilst I’m here and she’s learning more about what kind of family I’m going to be a good fit for. I can’t wait to find my new family!


What We Do

Rescuing Animals

When any Dobermann is abandoned in a council dog pound, we’re there to rescue them and keep them safe.

Rehoming Support

We provide support to people who are unable for any reason to keep their Dobermann and need to find a new home for them.

Spay & Neuter

We ensure that all our dogs are spayed or neutered prior to rehoming unless there’s a medical need which prevents it

Finding A Home

We spend huge amounts of time and effort to match each dog in our care to the most appropriate home we can find.

£35 Saves a Life

Every single pound you donate goes directly to the support and care of the dogs we rescue and rehome.  

Your contributions will be used to pay for veterinary treatments, food, kenneling fees and rehabilitation & training for the Dobes in our care.

Adopt & Foster

We have dogs coming in all the time please familiarise yourself with our adoption procedures and complete an application to Adopt or to Foster if you can offer a loving home to one of the dogs in our care, either temporarily or permanently